My Doggos

Basically I am nearly 50 and still an avid gamer! I game with friends, family and extended internet friends and family. It has been great reconnecting with old Army and High School friends.

Everything I post here is obviously public knowledge but I’m quite proud of my life as everyone should be! I do hope that some of my problems and issues may be an inspiration to others!

After living in 3rd world countries I’ve realized that I am lucky and thank God everyday for may life!

So if you see me on Twitch or in videos firstly I have minor Tortures Syndrome, just some small ticks that are more noticeably sometime more than others. In addition to this I have PTSD from my 14 years in the Army. I’m able to control most of these issues and keep them very private but also let people know so they don’t have to ask the awkward questions.

Honesty and integrity have gotten me a long way in my life! Without a college degree I have manage to get roles in shopping mall development and management including major project management roles! All I can say to that is do what you want to do do not let anyone hold you back! I’m in the process of completing my BBA and working towards my MBA!

Well that’s just a little about me, I’ll add some pictures later if anyone is interested.