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As an avid PC Gamer with several hours of time each night to game and connect with friends I enjoy quite an eclectic combination of games. My most favorite are war simulations and strategy however not necessarily first person shooters (FPS), The plan is to do small write ups about each of the games when playing them.

As a disclaimer I am not a professional gamer, I am like most other gamers, average to good but but play mostly for the self satisfaction and enjoyment. I do collect digital merchandise like Tanks, Boats and Planes from the Wargamming franchise. Equally so from the Eve Online universe.

In recent times I have come to enjoy War Thunder, I always said I would never play it as I had so much time and money invested in other franchises but War Thunder has me hooked. Once again Tanks, Planes and Ships! My favorite are the USA bombers and USA Tanks.

In addition to these I still play a lot of Hearts of Iron IV and more recently Europa Universalis IV. These types of strategy games are amazing and constantly growing with expansions.

Other games in my collection which I try and get time to play are Train Simulator 2020, Hell Let Loose and the entire Baldurs Gate Collection.

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