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So a friend of a friend of a friend is a retired locomotive engineer and here are some photos he sent to my friend who forwarded on to me. I’ve been promised more along with stories to go with. My apologies I don’t have all the details on the photos but this will be the opening page just to get them live. To give the engineer full credit we will call him Al Mix, I want to keep his identity slightly hidden for the time being until he sees the photos at least! Haha sounds like an amazing guy, without further ado here are the pics:

Locomotive N&S
Not completely sure engine type but I’m sure Al will assist!
Amazing Rock Island at a huge crossing, anyone know where?
Unknown Conrail Locomotive 9495 – Looks like post accident!
I wish I knew the story behind this incident
Conrail Locomotive post or pre-incident/accident, not sure what happen???

OK, that’s all for now, this is only the beginning of the real live train photos and stories, I hope you like the page Al, Can’t wait to get more photos and stories!!!! Thanks so much for sending these!

Oops, almost missed a great pic!Milwaukee Road RS units 455 & 454 it looks like

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