Just a few pictures of the current progress. It has been a while since posting. I’ve been sharing on Reddit and Instagram quite a bit as it’s quick and easy plus found a lot of nice people there wih great pictures, advice and inspiration.

The industrial area under construction
close up again needs work and I broke the bumpers but no worries the parts were found and just need some detailing and replacement
Side and wide shot of the industry
Tough delivery job, only for the best of truck drivers, danger close to trains and vehicle movement.
Newest locomotive addition, NSC Operation Lifesaver GP-38 low nose pulling some new pulpwood cars to the sawmill.
And this mess, so much wiring to do!!!
Finally have 5 Digitrax DS52’s operating 10 turnouts remotely, great addition to the layout action.

Well that’s all for now, planning a big week and weekend of work so watch for updates on Instagram and Reddit both under the handle Chainswords.