So I thought I would add a gallery of the stocklist items I’ve added tonight, better photography, clearer descriptions and they just look better overall IMHO.. The Stock List can always be found to the right where the page list is located, I’ve added the pages as a widget to find them easier, previously the only way to see pages was to click the 3 lines in the top left. While a lot of users understood this I had quite a few complaints others could not find the Page listings so here they are now right on the front page. I’m hoping to keep adding as I have a lot of locomotives and rolling stock to add. Once I add the new or in good shape items I’ll begin adding the project items, such as missing couplers, broken trucks, old style couplers and other issues then track the progress of repair. I will also add the manufacturer and DCC status as I have quite a few older locomotives that I want to add DCC with sound and lighting.