Here are a few simple photos of the North Yard under construction but now fully operational except for the powered turnouts. I use DS52’s to integrate the switching into the DCC DCS51 power.

SD40-2 Power Unit 6159 a Broadway Limited passing the North Yard with a full consist of mixed freight.
EMD SD-35 Power Unit 1565 an Atlas waiting in the North Yard.
EMD SD-35 Power Unit 1557 an Atlas waiting in the North Yard as SD40-2 Power Unit 6159 with a full consist of mixed freight passes in the background.
Long shot of the yard with all Power Units in view.
Another North Yard shot with mixed freight moving and switchers waiting patiently for the next assignment.
Back shot of the North Yard with all bumper warning lights lit.

Hope you enjoyed the photos, a lot more to come and more rolling stock and power units being delivered hopefully this week along with some scenery materials soon. The layout has a long way to go… Thanks for stopping by!