So the track and supplies have arrived from

Empty item boxes, I was in a hurry to get the track laid!
Track delivery before installation
Significant amount of the layout track installed
Working on the yard track
Yard track in place
Layout from a distance
The workbench, normally my son’s computer desk so I’ll have to organize it before he gets back for his next visit!

I was so excited on the package arrival I stayed up until 3AM working on the layout, the next day at work was very long needles to say! However most of the track is now in place and wiring the main buss has commenced. More to follow as it’s a nice long Eid weekend so should be able to get most everything running or at lease the main line and short line.

Still deciding on the industries and rather to have a town/village or not. We will see as the layout progresses.

Thanks for stopping by! Be safe during these times, take care more updates will follow as the layout progresses. Soon on to videos too!