So recently Chainsword has come across two very healthy dividend growth stocks with very low risk and good returns. Both of these stocks provide a healthy monthly dividend.

The first is BlackRock Floating Rate Income SFI
NYSE: FRA This stock normally rides between $12 and $20 providing a 6.5% monthly dividend. Very safe for long to medium term investors.

Second is Flaherty & Crumrine Preferred Income Opportunity Fund Inc. NYSE: PFO This stock normally maintains a $12 with a 6.68% monthly dividend. Very safe for medium to long term investors.

These are two of many stocks I invest in and they provide a stable monthly income for reinvestment and growth.

I am always looking for more safe dividend stocks to add to my portfolio and I am not rich so I have to take care with my investments. I also trade penny stocks with these main safe holdings covering the inherent risks of penny stocks, more on that later!