OK thanks to some friends on https://www.ngaugeforum.co.uk/ I’ve figured out how to convert my layout into a PDF. I used SCARM https://www.scarm.info/index.php to design the layout, I initially started with the free version but it limits you on the track count so I spent the $39.90 for the full version and it was well worth it for the extra track to add to the layout design. It is a great tool but some getting used to however there are a lot of good tutorials on their website.

I also recommend https://www.ngaugeforum.co.uk/ if your into N gauge trains of any country, they have loads of exp[experienced people always willing to help and share advice. It’s probably the nicest community I’ve ever been part of!

So here is the track plan of the layout:

Now since I’m using Kato-Unitrack there are quite a few variables especially with the freight network, I can adjust the center of the plan and the exterior engine maintenance areas as necessary with just a few easy Kato clicks!

The layout is not totally mine, I adapted it from a popular online example so I cant take all the credit. The whole layout for now is flat but there will be a few hills scenic terrain.

The concept of the layout will be North American mixed era trains but mainly diesel. These will be locomotives and rolling stock I’ve seen and like. Once I decide what industries will be in the plan then I will reshape the industrial areas and work on the quantities of rolling stock.

For now I only have mixed freight, I would love to do full blown INTERMODEL but I just don’t have enough room but we’ll see as the layout expands.

I’ve left room on most ends of the plan to extend the layout and again as I’m using Kato -Unitrack anything is possible but most importantly mobile, as an ex-pat nothing can be permanent.

All the best!