As you can see the boring work has started, I had to borrow a lot of tools and my most kind carpenter Mohammed Emam has managed to run around and find me paint, glue and tools while I’m in quarantine. He is from what I’ve seen the best, fastest and most cost effective builder in Bahrain, message me if you need any work done I’d be more than happy to share his information to you for work anywhere in Bahrain.

The painting has begun, I only got a little bit of paint to start, brown, black and green, these are the most basic colors and easiest to use for landscaping. Just some test painting going on here as you can see and it’s going very well.

Accidentally over cut some of the edges so between foam filler and white glue I’m managing to bring them back to where they need to be. A good builder can cover up their mistakes with a bit of ingenuity and a lot of foam! HAHA

Well as it progresses so will the web page.

Some of the track and turnout decoders should be here very soon and I will do dedicated posts on them as they arrive.

Thanks for reading and following along, please feel free to leave a comment!